The Utopía Hotel itself is located in the old part of Benalup–Casas Viejas, and made up of 16 completely different, and fully restored rooms designed in keeping with the town’s old constructions. Each room evokes a theme from the 30’s and is named after a specific topic from that decade. Hence rooms such as Tánger, Estrecho, Poetas, República, Art Decó, Utopía, París 1937, Jazz, Tango, Cabaret, Casas Viejas, Estrellas, Ilustración, Vanguardias, Paquebot and Zeppelin. Decoration is in keeping with the name of the room, so the Art Decó is decorated in the style of... well, you've guessed it.


Suite TÁnger Hotel Utopía
Suite TANGER Hotel Utopía